Book reviews

Strange Obsessions


Back then, I had heard a lot about Shobhaa Dé and although she always managed to ruffle a few feathers with her (not so great) opinions, I always wanted to read her book (don’t even ask me why!). The point was – which one of her books should I take. When I flipped through the blurb of all her books, they just seemed the same in one way or another. And since it was a first time for me, I just picked closed my eyes and picked up Strange Obsession. (A lesson learnt – Pick your books with open eyes. Always!)

Just like many, Amrita Aggarwal, a young and attractive girl moves to the City of Dreams (Mumbai), with the thought of making it big in the modelling world. She starts off by visiting various agencies. During one such instance, she manages to draw Meenakshi’s (Minx) attention towards her.

Before Amrita realises, Minx turns out to be a part of her everyday life, with whom, she can’t even fight to remove. It was difficult to meet someone or go to any place without Minx’s knowledge. It was like, Minx was aware of every thought of hers. Amrita’s life turns into nothing less than a nightmare!

I can’t imagine myself being stalked! The mere thought is scary, isn’t it? You can’t help but wonder why Amrita wouldn’t take a stand, right in the beginning instead of giving into Minx’s unending demands. You also want to reach out and kill Minx yourself.

Read the book to find out that what seems to be like a happy turn in events, is not necessarily the happy ending (at your own risk!) because most (Bollywood type) endings are quite predictable.  The book does get slow in between making you want the book to just get over now. Not very impressive and after a point, you might feel like tossing the book in a nearby bin. I would rate the book a 2/5.

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