Book reviews

The (In)eligible Bachelors


Just as I had finished browsing through racks of books at a book sale, my eyes fell on The (in)eligible bachelors.  After reading through the blurb, I thought it was just another MBA/IT graduate who’s out to talk about their college love story. But something about the title made me pick it up.

A hopeless romantic and a Bollywood fan- yes, that’s what I am. I am so glad that the book did not disappoint.  A lot of us would relate to the protagonist, Kasturi, who’s being pestered by her mother to meet the shortlisted IIT/IIM boys. Her mother thinks there is something wrong with her daughter as she did not have a boyfriend in college. Kasturi’s father too doesn’t stand a chance in front of the arranged marriage obsessed wife!

Her only escape – the job she landed in Delhi, away from home. Well, that’s what Kasturi & I thought! Unfortunately, her mother made sure she met a guy every weekend. Kasturi falls in love with her boss, Rajeev Sir, but continues to meet the boys her mother has lined up as she is sure her mother won’t accept a non-Brahmin Punjabi boy as her son-in-law.

Does she agree to marry one of the prospective grooms her mother chooses for her? Or does she gather up all her courage to tell her mother about her love?

The book is in the form of diary entries and with her friends Ananya & Varun by her side, the book is a laughter riot! One of the few books, where I read every word, and sat down to write the review immediately! (Err..well, I do tend to skip a few lines or sometimes pages, when it’s a drag!) I would give the book a 3.5/5. Overall, FUN and a must read! 🙂

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