Book reviews

My sister’s keeper


Life surely holds a lot of surprises for you, and you have no idea when it’s going to make you smile or smack you hard to leave an everlasting taste.  When Anna was brought into this world by Brian and Sara, the sole purpose of the little one was to help her sister Kate survive. Kate was diagnosed with Leukemia at a very young age and no family member’s bone marrow matched Kate’s. And so the couple’s decision to have, what they call, a “designer baby”.

Anna has been donating from the time she was just 6 months – from lymphocytes to blood to bone marrow. When Anna turns 13, Kate is dying and everyone has placed their hope on Anna to donate a kidney, with the intention of seeing Kate alive for a few more years. That is when Anna realises that she cannot do any of this anymore.  No more needles would go through her skin.

Anna decides to take her parents to the court. She did not want Kate to die, but at the same time she also wanted to have the rights to take decisions, especially about her own life. Anna did not feel loved and felt like she did not have a life of her own as everyone’s world revolved around Kate, and the same was expected from her. But all of this had to change, and if she had to be heard, it had to be the court way.

Some decisions are difficult to make, and when it involves a family member’s death – Ouch! It’s painful to keep your head over your heart, even when you know that’s the only way out. The author Jodi Picoult gives us every character’s point of view in his/her words, making it an interesting read. I will rate the book a 4/5. Surely a must read!

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