Book reviews

Five point someone


Five Point Someone focuses on the journey of three freshers through their four years of graduation.  Just like the life of most college students, the book talks about it all – ragging by seniors, the importance of excelling in studies, wrath of professors, pushing each other to fight their fears, getting drunk just before the exam, falling in love with the Dean’s daughter, post course job placements and many more such incidents.

There’s not much to really mention because it is just like any college story – most people go through it.

Though the book was turned into a Bollywood movie, the movie definitely had more viewers as compared to the readers of the book (as portions were changed to entertain the masses). Very few movies turn out to be as good as the book, and even lesser turn out to be better than the book. I think that says a lot. There is so much hype around his books that out of curiosity you end up buying it only to be disappointed. I think I have learnt it with 5 books! (Don’t ask why I had to go through 5 books to reach that conclusion 😛 ). For me, this was a 2/5


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