Who am I?

Image courtesy: http://www.thinglink.com

Let’s start by saying I am a very strong and independent woman. I am quite sensitive and straightforward but there’s a heart that knows to love too. I can be your 4 am friend as well.

The present time:
I am a mother to a (currently) 2.3 year old naughty little monkey. I am a staunch believer of breastfeeding and it was only apt for me to start my own little business in nursing wear; T&S – Threads & Shuttles. While the daughter does not drive me up the wall, she keeps herself busy playing with her dolls and talking to them. She even loves her cars and bikes. The husbandman is an Executive Sous Chef with a well known hotel group.

On the blog, you will see me rambling about anything and everything under the sun. I have too much running through my head so thought I should trouble the people who would be interested in reading too.

Well, have fun and see you around!


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