Book Reviews

The smell of the page of a book is divine! I have been tempted a million times to get into e-reading. Although it sounds like a brilliant idea, the feel and touch of a real book is irreplaceable and I hope to keep going till the last book.

I have been reading forever now. I had a blog with a friend dedicated to book reviews, but somewhere down the lane, “busy” caught up with us and we had to let go. Now that I have a little time in my hand and I still do read, although when time permits, I realised I want to write about it too. One day, I hope to have a library of my own. Wish me luck folks!

The books that have been reviewed will be listed here, so it’s easier to find it, in case you looking for something specific. Please, pretty please, do not judge me for the books that are listed. 😛 These are reviews of books read over the years. I promise to have gotten better with the reading through the years.

Happy reading, you people!