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The last in the Trylle series – Ascend. In the second book, Torn, Lori was caught sneaking into Förening . What confused Wendy the most was – Lori was strong enough to overpower anybody in Förening  and he also had the power to make the opposite person lose conscious. Ellora had to use all her power to hold Lori back in the room he was locked in. The power she was using was wearing her out physically and mentally. She was tired and growing old. She was 39 but looked 75. Lori was allowed to return back to Vittra only when Oren assured them to not try to kidnap Wendy until she became the Queen.

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And I’m back with the second book of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series – TORN.

The end of the first book saw Wendy running away from Förening. She takes Rhys along with her from the palace. She felt it is necessary for him to know his real family. She tries to explain her disappearance to Matt, and the truth about Rhys – whom she replaced. Matt of course thinks all of this is just a dream and he’s going to wake up and things will go back to normal.

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What if you were Switched at birth? And your new mother hates you, so much that she tries to kill you. But you have no idea why.

Kim was sure she was to have a son. She had seen the videos. From the time Kim gave birth to Wendy, she knew the kid was a monster who ate her son. When she attacked Wendy on her sixth birthday which left her with sixty stitches, the cops were called. And she was sent to a mental institution. Wendy was then taken care by her brother and aunt.

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