Book reviews

Five point someone


Five Point Someone focuses on the journey of three freshers through their four years of graduation.  Just like the life of most college students, the book talks about it all – ragging by seniors, the importance of excelling in studies, wrath of professors, pushing each other to fight their fears, getting drunk just before the exam, falling in love with the Dean’s daughter, post course job placements and many more such incidents.

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Book reviews

The 3 mistakes of my life


Chetan Bhagat receives an email from a stranger who claims to be taking a sleeping pill for every full stop he puts while writing the email. The hunt for that stranger leads our author to Govind, and he makes sure the stranger is provided with the required medical help. As Govind explains the reason for his suicide attempt, Chetan Bhagat knows this is going to be one of his books (why!).

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Book reviews

One night at the Call Center


Well, if what Chetan Bhagat claims is right, then during his train journey, a young lady promised to tell him this story only if he promised to turn it into a book!! (Unless, of course, he was just looking for someone to blame it on 😛 ). Listen to stories- good, and sometimes interesting. But promise to turn into a book, and then actually keep the promise… hmmm!!! Moving on….

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